Education, learning and enlightenment demand a committed progression. The institutes which take the responsibility to nurture youngsters educationally face challenges. What to teach, why to teach and how to teach are some questions to be understood and addressed with high seriousness. My entire life is a struggle against illiteracy and ignorance. As a teacher, I welcomed the educational quest of every student in my class; as an administrator I tried to structure the best educational designs for the students and the institutions; and as a researcher, I endeavored to explore newness. The Next College is the materialization of my ambition to serve students for a successful professional life. This institute focuses on the intellectual excellence of the students. I believe that the Pakistani youth is a seething kaleidoscope of countless talents, which should be explored and utilized. The Next College offers a number of professional courses so that the students may defeat the threat of unemployment, they may become valuable assets for the nation, and they may lead a prosperous life. The faculty and the administration of The Next College welcome the students to join our mission.

Syeda Rubab Fatima