City of Saints

Multan is the 5th largest city of Pakistan and is among the oldest cities in the world which anciently served as a trade hub between South Asia and Central Asia. The city is located at 215 meters (740 feet) above the sea level and it is spread over an area of 133 square kilometers. Due to a large number of Shrines of Sufi Saints, it is also called Madinat-ul-Auliya (the city of Saints). Multan is the backbone for the economy of Southern Punjab. The geographical location of the city has made it an influential political and economic center for the country. Growing economy of the region, exportable surpluses of agricultural commodities like mangoes and cotton have attracted the attention of the Government as well as private sector investment. The city is connected with other parts of the country via excellent road and railway network. An international airport is also serving as a source of fast connection for the Southern Punjab residents with the rest of the country and the world. The growing trend of fruits and vegetable exports from southern Punjab is being satisfied by the dry port at Multan which is boosting the economy of the region. The city is surrounded by rivers and canals and the land is very fertile which provides great opportunities for cultivation of various crops and fruits such as cotton, sugarcane, wheat, mangoes, citrus, guava, pomegranate etc.