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Academic Policies

All the existing rules and regulations of PN&MC and IUB and amended from time to time with regards to BSN, Post-RN and LHV degree/diploma programs will be implemented and followed in true spirit.

The presence of all the admitted students is mandatory for orientation on the given date and time.

Each and every student will be provided an identification card which they must keep with them in the College. Non-compliance may result in fines as specified in the prospectus.

The class schedules will be displayed on the Notice Board and also uploaded on the College web portal.

There will be five working days in a week from 08:00 AM to 02:00 PM for academic purposes and 08:00 AM to 04:00 PM for administrative purposes.

1. Attendance

All public holidays notified by the Government.

Leave, including sickness, must be approved in advance by the HOD or higher authority (as applicable), but such leaves must not exceed 15% during the semester.

Students in the hospital on clinical days will be monitored by the respective instructors.

2. Future Perspective

Degrees will be awarded by The Islamic University of Bahawalpur on successful completion of the academic period and all requisites.

3. Terms & Conditions of Programs

All students admitted to the College are bound to abide by the existing rules and regulations of the College, as well as those of PN&MC and IUB, which may be amended from time to time.

4. Clinical Practicum

Students are expected to maintain 100% attendance during clinical allocation. The students will require making up for any absence in clinical areas.

Any student who is unable to attend a clinical due to medical grounds has to submit a medical certificate with the application.

Pre and post-clinical conferences are part of clinical experience and should be attended regularly. For clinical experience, services are utilized of various institutions/hospitals within and outside campus.

Field visits are mandatory.

5. Internship Policy for BSN (GENERIC)

As per requirement of PN&MC, the institution will be responsible to arrange internship for one year of their graduates in the approved hospitals. The purpose of the internship is to integrate knowledge and skills. Therefore, graduates’ internship program will be planned between the College and the Hospitals to rotate them in several clinical areas.

At the completion of the internship period, the candidate will require to submit a formal letter/certificate to the College issued by the concerned authority of the Hospitals.

The College will send the final list of eligible candidates to PN&MC for licensure examination.

The graduates of BSN 04-Years, with one year mandatory internship, will be able to be registered by PN&MC and work as RN after getting a valid PN&MC number from this Council.

6. Teaching/learning Approaches

Students are responsible for their own study schedules to plan according to their time management after formal classes.

A flexible approach is adopted in teaching. Emphasis is placed on self-directed learning e.g. discussion session, seminar, symposia, project preparation, case study, presentation and tests etc.

Clinical experiences are arranged in modules, and psychomotor skills will be judged in clinical areas through supervision by nursing instructors and head nurses.

Well-furnished library with ample latest collection available for self-directed learning.

Skill Lab provides opportunities for teaching and learning.

Science Lab provides opportunities for students for basic science experiments.

Computer Lab provides a number of software packages for learning and keeps pace with rapid changes in technology. Internet facilities are available in the Computer Lab for the students and faculty to update their knowledge in the field of nursing.

7. Decorum for Library and Labs

To maintain silence is mandatory in the Library and Labs by all concerned.

No visitor is allowed in the Library or Labs.

Limited books, magazines, or journals will not be issued.

Books will be issued for one week. If kept overdue, fines will be imposed as prescribed.

Maximum two books can be issued to a student at a time.

Borrowers will be held responsible for any damage to books after issuing.

Personal baggage, food, and beverages are not allowed in the Library and Labs.

Writing, highlighting, or marking is not allowed on the Library book or any material of Labs.

Models, charts, or any equipment of the Labs are not permitted to be taken out from the Labs.

8. Code of Conduct

It is mandatory for the students to abide by all the standing instructions, rules, and regulations of the College.

Use of any kind of material in the examinations is strictly prohibited. Non-compliance may result in rustication or expulsion from the College.

Strikes are not allowed for Nursing students.

Admission can be withdrawn in case of violating any rule/regulation or on misconduct or involvement in any untoward situation.

9. Dress Code

All students are required to wear white overalls during classes and use the uniform prescribed by the College. The uniform recommended by PN&MC is mandatory during clinical.

10. Nursing Ethics

Since Nursing is considered a very noble and respectable profession, there are many practical applications of ethics in daily nursing practices that should be obeyed to uphold the professional standards. If any nurse fails to maintain a professional attitude, it brings dishonor to the nursing profession. Therefore, every nurse should follow nursing ethics to a greater extent. Patients' privacy, safety, and care should be a priority for a nurse.