Academic Facilities


The Library is Wi-Fi enabled, well stocked with latest volumes, providing comfortable seating space and offers an environment for study and research. Access is provided to law and law-related resources and a wide range of services that support the syllabus and programs promoting legal scholarship and information needs of library users. In addition to the print collection, the Library has access to electronic resources readily accessible from their respective links. Laptop may be used anywhere in the Library.

Science Lab

The Next College has a well-equipped science laboratory with various apparatus for conducting experiments in Physics/Chemistry/Botany etc. The students can make use of the laboratory facilities for conducting experiments within the campus. The lab has all necessary material which helps in creating and maintaining a much-needed congenial atmosphere for effective learning.

Kinesiology Lab:

In this lab activity, students will introduce with the factors influencing the learning and performance of a motor skill. They will also see how motor tasks influence performance. Different types of muscle contractions will be discussed and demonstrated to the students that will help them to understand the basic concepts of muscle testing within the campus. They will investigate force-length relationship, muscle fibre types, how forces are generated in the different types of contractions, and how all of these relate to weight-training implication and principles.

Biomechanics lab

The Next College has a well-equipped biomechanics lab that enables the students to discover some of the laws of biomechanics; how they relate to movement; and how these forces can be measured, studied, and maximized. Students will have a facility to use a variety of equipment that introduce them to several biomechanical principles, such as joint summation, acceleration of body mass and ground reaction forces during gait and balance activities.

Anatomy Lab/Museum

The Next College provides well-defined Anatomy lab/museum that will enable students the opportunity to handle human skeleton as well as all human bones. Students are guided through models of the major regions and systems of the body in an effort to gain intimate knowledge of human anatomy that may be applied to their respective discipline of study. . It will provide basic and all necessary knowledge about human body and structure.

Physiology Lab

Physiology is the area of science that deals with the human body and how internal mechanisms work. Performing experiments is one way to gain a better understanding of physiology. High electron microscopes are equipped in lab of The Next College. Lab of the institute has the facility to conduct high level research.

Chemistry/Biochemistry Lab

The Next College provides highly equipped biochemistry lab. An up-to-date science and technological laboratory including the facilities of spectrophotometry, incubator, electric oven, water bath etc that provide extensive diagnostic and clinical capabilities to the students. Biochemical reagents facilitate a wide range of classical experiments.

Clinical Attachment with Govt. Hospitals

The Next College has signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with different Govt. Hospitals of Multan to facilitate the students of Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) for their clinical observer ship/internship and regular rotations of ward. The scope of MoU includes provision of practical work, hands-on training and live demonstration of patients, history taking, and assessment planning and treatment regimens.

Computer Lab

The students use computers to adopt a methodical way of study by documenting their study topics and researching for their moots and presentations. Internet has provided a quick means of accessing information from authentic sources across the world. South Punjab Law College has all these facilities available at a click of the mouse in its well-designed computer lab with a seating capacity of more than thirty students.

Study Tours

The knowledge base can be enhanced through experiments and observations. This is how the present state of knowledge has been achieved. It is a well-known proverb that "seeing is believing". Moreover, things seen once never forget.

The study tours provide this opportunity. The students of The Next College are encouraged to arrange tours of different organizations. So that they experience how things work practically. They are also advised to arrange excursions tours to enjoy life after hard work. Through these tours students rejuvenate and refresh and become ready for further studies.


The students have been provided with a furnished cafeteria. Here students can pass their free / leisure time, share their ideas on given assignments and can freely discuss their mutual interest while taking some refreshments. Food of good quality is available at reasonable price, refreshments like tea, coffee, juices, snacks and cold drinks etc. are available.