About The Next College

We live in an era when humans have higher levels of education and greater access to information than ever before. Sound professional qualifications are the most important credentials required for today's youth to succeed in this scenario. Getting the right education is the first big step to launch into a rewarding career. Fields like Information Technology, Computer Science, Natural Sciences, Fashion Design, Hospitality Science, Hotel Management, Computer Applications, Business Management, Education and Social Work are career avenues having a bright future. Young people with talent and the required qualifications can easily find lucrative career openings in these sectors.

Keeping the above goals in view, The Next College has been established to provide highly innovative skill oriented university affiliated courses which empower the new generation to get the right career break in these fields. The institution not only provides students with quality education but also groom them to face life with confidence. Excellence in education is the driving principle at The Next College. No effort is spared in providing students with a focused academic environment which nurtures complete development of personality.

The Next College is conveniently located in the heart of the educational hub of the city at Bosan Road, near Chungi No. 6. Housed in a spacious and fully air-conditioned campus, the college is equipped with state of the art classroom, computer labs, science labs, library, cafeteria etc. The college is also easily accessible to the students from around the city through public transport.