Emaan Educational Trust ®

The Emaan Educational Trust ® is an independent body established under relevant laws and dedicated to improving the quality of education nationwide and for the much needed provision of good quality education to the people of Pakistan at affordable cost.

Emaan Educational Trust ® works with great favor towards making good quality education available to a wider range of people across the financial spectrum of Pakistan, shaping its future and working to help close the achievement gap.

Our vision is founded on the belief that a strong and fundamentally sound education system can bring about significant change to the fortunes of a country. Our aim is to ensure that productive work is done with a long term view to expand our network with projects involving high quality institutions / universities, inspiring educationists and students alike to achieve great things. The Trust was established in 2018 and is made up of a hardworking and dedicated core team, headed by Sohaib Muzaffar Sial. We work with a team of high quality associates to provide services in the field of education. Our approach to educational reforms and improvement is rooted in the best practice across the educational sector.

A number of leading thinkers contribute to our work and shape priorities and direction. We are positive, proactive, innovative and bold. Our strengths lie not only in these values but also in the quality of our staff, associates, leading thinkers and partners. We focus on what works and are not afraid to challenge the usual norms and orthodox practices.

Emaan Educational Trust ® is proud to have established The Next College which is registered with Higher Education Department, Govt. of Punjab, Technical Education & Vocational Authority (TEVTA) Punjab and affiliated with G.C University Faisalabad. Emaan Educational Trust ® operates with the objective of a further broadening of its horizons as well as a portfolio of qualifications offered at its institutions along with expanding its network globally.

It is a source of great pleasure and pride to have established strong foundations and well placed and viable institutions along with the revered programs offered at these institutions. More will continue to be done to strengthen the links between the international institutions / universities already established. This will be done through offering inter organization programs as well as mechanisms through which the concept of student exchange can be further explored.

As already stated, the provision of the highest quality education is at the top of the basic operating principles of Emaan Educational Trust ® Strategically, Emaan Educational Trust ® will look to strengthen its current network as well as branch out into additional partnerships and collaborations - all under the strong and vast umbrella of Emaan Educational Trust ®.